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Creating Holidays while Helping Planet Earth…

Water Management

Used water generated in our property from various departments of service; Kitchen, Ayurveda, Laundry, and Bathrooms, are purified and converted into fresh water for the garden. Recruiting help from this amazing technology, we are able to recycle our water, putting it back to good use in our property.


Rain Water Harvest

The roof of our block rooms has been modified to serve the purpose of harvesting and collecting rain water which goes through several layers of purification, and stays reserved in our well. The same water is again pumped up to our overhead water tank and goes through a second process of purification before being used by the laundry.

Generating Cooking Fuel for Our Staff Kitchen

Installation of our biogas plant at Nikki’s Nest, has helped to convert all our vegetable and fruit discards from our kitchens, to natural cooking fuel for our staff mess. Supplying fuel to cook nutritious food for our staff, has now become a very cost effective and efficient way to provide meals. This is a useful mode of generating fuel, especially when Nikki’s Nest retains her 100+ employees throughout the year, during both peak season and low season times.

Producing our Ayurveda oils and powders

The use of Ayurveda oils and powders for both external and internal applications, are combined and made from ingredients naturally sourced from reliable outlets or plucked fresh from our plantation, under the watchful guidance and supervision of our Ayurveda doctor. The benefits of producing our own Ayurveda products are multifold. Not only are we able to ensure the quality of oils and powders used on our guests, but we are also able to ensure that all the necessary ingredients for the production of each specific classical product are combined together, without leaving out any valuable herbs. This also provides opportunities for local Ayurveda Vaidyars who come from families that have been practicing this traditional herbal healing system for centuries, to supply unadulterated roots and herbs for the preparation of our Ayurveda oils and powders.

Putting Our Used Ayurveda Oil to Good Use

Excess oil collected after treatments from each guest is poured out together and passed on to small scale cottage industries that use it to lubricate their machines, used in rubberisied road tarring work and also used to make a mixture of termite proof oil.

  • Cleaning Drive
  • Cleaning Drive

Cleaning Drive

Nikki’s Nest has always been conscious of the growing menace of discarded garbage and plastic on the streets, causing distress and harm to the environment. We have taken it upon ourselves to clean our neighbouring areas on a regular routine since our inception, 1996. Coinciding with our Independence day, we formally inaugurated our environment club, ‘’Green Dream Team’’, on August 15th 2015, through which we take great pride and pleasure in cleaning our surrounding areas, every day for an hour. The garbage collected is taken away by recycling units where various projects are underway. This hopefully will create awareness among our own people and instill in each heart the urgent need of the hour to work towards a pollution free environment! We have also managed to gather the neighboring resorts under one umbrella, and we all work together towards maintaining the cleanliness of our beach. This communal work is done every Monday, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, involving staff of resorts, management and all those living off tourism.

Protecting Animals and Enriching Our Planet

We are very conscious of the various environmental concerns affecting us all and animals, and we make it a point to use only eco friendly and organic products with serious efforts to completely ban plastics in all forms. Being deeply concerned about animal welfare, Nikki’s Nest discourages elephant rides during visits to the elephant sanctuary, because of the high level of trauma and suffering of captive elephants. Instead it encourages guests towards observation and study of behavior and activities of this gentle giant. As the sight of hungry beach dogs is traumatizing, we at Nikki’s Nest decided to befriend the dogs by regular feeding so that they are friendly enough to be caught for sterilization and vaccination, after which they would be released back on the beach with properly tagged collars and a regular supply of food. This way, we hope to see healthy and happy beach dogs and a helping hand extended to the voiceless !