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Ayurveda Treatments at Nikki’s Nest

At Nikki’s Nest, we practice both the Sodhana also known as Panchakarma and Samana form of therapy as per consultation, depending on dosha ratios, capacity or strength of a guest, body conditions, each client’s need and requirement and physician recommendations. Here are some of the few types of therapies/massages conducted at Nikki’s Nest.


The whole body is massaged with specific lukewarm herbal oils for about 45 -60 minutes depending on an Ayurveda clients body condition and as per the physician’s instructions. This massage aids in nourishing and re-energizing the body’s tissue, by releasing toxins from our cells. Ultimately gifting us with healthy skin, preventing early aging and relieving various muscular aches and pains.


As per body conditions and instructions from the physician, a continuous stream of herbal oils or various kinds of medicated milk or butter milk are gently poured on the forehead of a guest, using a specific technique for about 45 – 90 minutes. Relaxing and re-energizing the central nervous system, the Dhara massage has been demonstrated to be good for insomnia, vatha predominated diseases, mental disorders, memory loss and certain skin and eye disorders.


Herbal leaves or herbal powders are crushed and applied to the entire body along with hot medicated oils in boluses for 45 minutes. This therapy benefits and aids in the treatment for osteoarthritis, arthritis with swelling, spondylosis, sports injuries, lumbago and sciatica.


In a close fitted leak proof cap with black-gram powder, medicated oil is allowed to rest on a patient’s head, while maintaining constant temperature conditions throughout, for specific periods of time, as per one’s body conditions and physician’s instructions. Sirovasthi is normally suggested when there is an indication of loss of tactile sensation, facial paralysis, sleeplessness, experiences of dryness in the nostrils and throat and instances of increased intraocular pressure, severe chronic headache, multiple sclerosis and parkinsonism.


Herbal powders are massaged on the whole body using a specific technique for about 30 – 45 minutes according to one’s body condition and physician’s instructions. This massage has been demonstrated to be useful in reducing weight while strengthening muscles, tightening loosened skin and controlling cholesterol levels.


In each nostril, drops of medicated oil or herbal juice are administered in an aim to help eliminate toxins from the head, and neck region and aids in curing migraine, sinusitis, chronic cold, chest congestion, cervical spondylosis and facial palsy. Undergoing a Nasyam therapy assures lightness of the body and head, helping one sleep better.

Ksheera Dhoomam

This therapy involves a fermentation process with medicated cow milk where the steam of heated milk is passed over the face and tongue. This procedure aids in the treatment of facial paralysis, speech disorders, cervical spondylosis, spastic disorders and neurological issues.


With the help of two masseurs on either side of an Ayurveda client, pieces of cloth dipped in lukewarm medicated oil is rubbed over the body for about 60 – 90 minutes in a rhythmic motion, depending on body condition and physician’s instructions. The pizhichil technique is generally used for stiff joints and limbs, paralytic conditions and vata dominant conditions.

Njavara Kizhi

This massage is one of the special forms of treatment widely practiced in Kerala. Cooked rice warmed in a mixture of Balamoola Kasaya and cow’s milk is tightly packed together and tied in pieces of cloth bags, to form little boluses. The rice pudding is massaged over the body making it perspire with adequate pressure and movements as required for the Ayurveda client. The pressure from the massage strokes, forces out the rice pudding contents from the cloth bag onto the body. The excess rice pudding residue that is forced out, is collected and rewarmed and massaged onto the client’s body again. This process is repeated until all the Kashaya and rice pudding contents in the cloth bag have been extracted out and used to massage. The Njavara Kizhi massage is used in the presence of various disorders of the nervous system, chronic rheumatic diseases, joint pains, emaciation of limbs, diseases borne of vitiated blood and multiple sclerosis, ultimately helping the body become strong and sturdy with well-developed musculature.


Vasthi massages play an important role in aiding the treatment of an array of health disorders, especially in the Panchakarma style of Ayurveda treatments. Herbal oils or herbal extracts are applied throughout the rectum, purifying the body and maintaining health and longevity. This technique is normally used for arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness, gastric complaints associated with rheumatism and constant constipation.


In a cleaning process of the eyes aiming to give cooling effects, the Tharpanam therapy involves placing medicated ghee in the eyes around a boundary of herbal paste for 15 – 30 minutes, depending on body conditions and physician’s recommendations. This form of treatment aids in the prevention of cataract and strengthens the optic nerve.