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Ayurveda is the 5000 years old traditional system of medication perfected over centuries that uses only natural ingredients and/or it's extracts for both oral and external applications. The Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, has awarded the Ayurveda Clinic at the resorts the prestigious Green Leaf Award. This award is the highest in its category for ayurvedic centres.

The clinics offers you a wide range of treatment plans for various ailments as well as refreshing and rejuvenating therapies that soothe your body, mind and soul naturally. An in-house Ayurveda physician recommends the right treatment plan or therapy according to individual needs and skilled assistants and masseurs administer it. Guests opting for ayurveda treatment plans have the added advantage of continuing their treatment plans without interruption at either resort. That is, if a treatment plan is for example 6 days, and if the guest wishes to stay at the sister resort in between, this can be done without disrupting the regime as the plan can be continued at the visiting resort.

The eternal science of Ayurveda is another soothing experience in Nikki’s Nest. Ayurveda means "science of life". It is both a curative and a preventive form of therapy. Unbalanced biological tumors are the main cause for all diseases in the body. 
The Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, has awarded the Ayurvedic Clinic at the resorts the prestigious Green Leaf award. This award is the highest in its category for ayurvedic centers.

Pizhichil  (14 days).....In this treatment, lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body by two trained therapists in a rhythmic way continuously for about 45 to 60 minutes for a period of 7 to 14 days depending upon the person's condition. This treatment is beneficial in the cure of Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Paralysis - Agitanus , Sexual Weakness , Nervous Weakness and Nervous Disorders.

Navarakizhi (14days)......  I n this process the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire by the application of certain medicated herbal packs externally in the form of blouses tied up in muslin bags. This process is done by two masseurs for 45 to 60 minutes for 14 days. This treatment is good for all types of rheumatism, pain in the joints, high blood pressure , cholesterol and certain types of skin diseases.

Dhara (14days) ........herbal oils, medicated milk , medicated butter milk etc are poured on the forehead in a special method for about 45 minutes for a period of 7to 21 days. This treatment is mainly for insomnia, Vatha predominated diseases , mental tension and certain skin diseases like psoriasis etc.

Vasthi (14days)........ Certain herbal oils, herbal extracts etc are applied through the rectum daily for a period of 5to 25 days. This treatment is for arthritis, paralysis, Hemiplegia , numbness, gastric complaints associated with rheumatism and constant constipation.

Udvarthanam (14days)....... This is a  dry massage  with herbal powders for about 30 to 45 minutes daily for a period of 14 to 28 days. This treatment helps in Hemiplegia, paralysis, obesity and certain rheumatic ailments.

Abhyangam   (14days)....... Special type of oil massage in which strokes are administered according to the problem for45minutes for 14days. It helps in obesity, especially in diabetic gangrene .

Nasyam   (14days).......Herbal extract , medicated oils are applied through the nose for 7to 14 days. Helpful in headaches, paralysis, mental disorders and certain skin diseases.

Snehapanam (14days)...... Medicated ghee is given internally in a proportionally increased quantity for a period of 8to 12 days. Helpful in osteoarthritis, psoriasis, leukaemia .

 Kizhi   (14days) ....... Herbal leaves and herbs or herbal powders are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils for 45 minutes for a period of 7 to 14 days. Helpful relief in osteoarthritis, arthritis with swelling , spondilosis, sports injuries.

Dhanyamladhara   (14days).......warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body in a rhythmic way ,for 45minutes to 1hour . This is effective in Hemiplegia, paralysis, rheumatic problems etc.

Thalam .......special powder mixed with medicated oil , applied on the top of the head for 20 to 45 minutes. Helpful in ENT problems, insomnia, migraine etc.

Tharpanam..... Cleaning process for the eyes, which gives them a cooling effect, prevents eye diseases and strengthens the optic nerves.

Mukhalepam ......herbal face pack with specially made herbal powder and fresh cream. This prevents and avoids wrinkles and improves the skin tone. Also good for tired eyes.

Medicated Steam Bath...... Certain rare and precious herbal leaves are boiled and the steam is passed to the whole body for 10 to 20 minutes. This is good to eliminate impurities from the body, to improve body tone and to reduce fat.

Supreme  Ayurveda Body Care...

Rejuvenation Therapy  (Rasayana Chikilsa   14  days )

This treatment includes body massage with hand and foot ,with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenation medicines and medicated steam bath. This therapy is for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day for 7 to 14 days. This therapy is to rejuvenate and awaken the mind , body and soul, to tone up the skin, to vitalise and strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and long life.

Body  Purification Therapy  ( Shodhana Chikilsa   15 days )

It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha based on the Panchakarma and Swethakarma treatment. The 15 day package include  Body Massage, Snehapanam, Nasyam, Virachanam, (medicated purgative),Snehavasthi, Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi ,Karnapooranam, Tharpanam, Sirovasthi, Steam Bath and internal herbal medicines.

Body Immunisation Longevity Treatment  ( Kayakalpa Chikilsa  28 days )

This is the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing the ageing process, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunisation of the system. Administering  RASAYANA  ( very special Ayurveda medicine ) internally is the main part of this treatment, based on the Panchakarma  and Swethakarma treatment. The 28 day package process includes body massage, Snehapanam , Virechanam, Nasyam, Snehavasthi, Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi , Tharpanam, Sirovasthi , Karnapooranam, and medicated steam bath. This treatment is best effective if taken before the age of 60 , for either sex.

Psoriasis Treatment   ( Sidhma Chilksa  21 days )

This is an effective treatment for all types of psoriasis . This special Ayurveda treatment lasts for 21 to 28 days. Treatment includes special Lepanam, Abhyangam, Snehapanam, Pizhichil, Medicated Steam Bath, and Sirovasthi along with exclusively prepared internal herbal medicines.

Slimming Treatment  ( 21 days )

Two types of massages namely Medicated Herbal Powder Massage and Medicated Herbal Oil Massage will be given for 28 days. Treatment also includes medicated steam bath, intake of herbal juices and herbal tea and a very special  Ayurveda diet is advised during this period.

Rejuvenation Massage

Massage includes whole body massage with herbal oil or herbal powder by hand and foot, head massage and face massage for one and half hours. This is good for rejuvenating the body , to reduce mental tension, to improve sexual weakness, and vitality.

Manashanthi  (10 to 14 days )

Stress and strain of daily life creates hormonal imbalance and psychosomatic disorders such as Hypertension, Ulcerative Colitis,
 Ischaemic Heart Disease, Peptic Ulcer, Diabetic Mellitus, Bronchial Asthma, Migraine, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. This is a combination of yoga and meditation with Ayurveda therapy in a holistic approach.This treatment is very effective for stress management and purification of body and mind, to attain the right balance and temperament of the mind.This therapy includes Yoga,Meditation, Rejuvenation Therapy, Dhara, Navarakizhi , Thalam, Herbal steam bath, Herbal pack, with intake of herbal medicines.

Fibromyalgia ( 21 to 28 days)

A pshychosomatic disorder associated with chronic non inflamatory pain and tenderness in the muscles, ligaments,joints and fatigue. In Ayurveda it is perceived as a Vatha imbalance. The therapy includes Snehapanam, swedhanam, with kashaya Vasthi , Dhanyamladhara, Pizheechal, etc.



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